Living Transformation

You are stepping courageously into living your purpose every day…
AND yet ever-changing with circumstances sometimes throw you off course.
Or it feels you are wrestled to the ground yet again by limitations.
That’s why you need to return to the CORE of who you are. 
Living Transformation is designed to pick you back up so that you are not stopped NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE FACING. You have the CORE of who you are and can stay the course. 
Maybe you remember the ‘high’ you got when you first did transformational work, and you came out on fire.
You now know that ‘high’ doesn’t last unless you make it an everyday feeling and a way to live your life. 
It is time for Living Transformation NOW. Because life will always serve you new surprises that challenge you, and sometimes even feel like stomach punches.
It’s time for you to stay strong, powerful, bold and peaceful even in the midst of those moments that rock us to the CORE.
Lisa Kalmin and Lynne Sheridan are known as the “Badass Women of Transformation” and considered to be the leading forces in the transformational industry. Lisa and Lynne are masters of transformation, having facilitated for over three decades and trained and coached over 100,000 people. You will be coached in real time by both Lisa and Lynne.

They are asked repeatedly, ‘How do you do it? How do stay on it, living your vision day in and day out?’ In other words, what is the secret to LIVING the distinctions of transformation day-in and day-out.  NO MATTER WHAT. 
Living Transformation is those secrets revealed to YOU.
YOU now have the opportunity to be masterfully guided in a community of support so that you can be elevated to living transformation 24/7 with the results that matter to you.
Through their decades of living transformation themselves and empowering people to create companies, charities, families and dreams, they have honed it down to the CORE foundation of what it takes for MASTERY of the principles of transformation.
The pillars that form your CORE are:
COMMUNITY-Be in a tribe of leaders standing with you and for you!
OWNERSHIP -Live your personal power to create your vision and purpose!
RESOURCEFUL- Experience living from flow and creativity!
EMBOLDEN- “to make bold or bolder; hearten; encourage” …Live an emboldened life!
 You are given tools, resources, distinctions, processes so that you can always stay in your CORE through any storm.
How are you supported? 
As a member of The CORE TRIBE you will have access to:
Two Interactive Online Transformational Trainings per Month (with hot seat coaching and Q&A)
    ie., Relationships, Parenting, Money and Abundance, Communication, etc.,. 
Access to special BONUS content and processes shared throughout your ongoing membership
Private Facebook Group for community, connection and contribution.
That means relationships that are loving and connected.
It means you experience abundance and that shows up in money, health and your well-being.
YOU have a mindset that is distinct and attractive to those around you especially since you are manifesting results even when others are not.
And YOU are grounded in the CORE of who you are your connection to spirit, empowered to be the REAL you fully and freely. 
All of the training calls are recorded and available on the Private Facebook page so that you can refer to them again and again.
CORE TRIBE members are business leaders, artists, transformational seminar leaders, mothers and dreamers who are making an impact.
Give yourself the gift of deepening your transformation as you live and thrive in 2024, no  matter what life throws you next. 
We look forward to you experiencing the power of Living Transformation from your CORE. 

*ZOOM Links will be emailed prior to all sessions*

Schedule - All Sessions: 5:30-7PM PST

MAY1, 22

JUNE12, 19

JULY10, 24








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